Simplify and modernize your institution with the #1 cloud communications solution

Increase productivity and minimize costs

The demands on educational institutions are changing rapidly even as funding tightens. Old ways of connecting and doing business are expensive, time consuming, and obsolete for today’s digital-savvy world. RingCentral’s all-in-one communications and collaboration solution can securely and easily connect administration, boards, trustees, faculty, students, agencies, and vendors on any device, wherever, whenever, at a price that meets your budget.

Modern connectivity simplified

RingCentral’s communications and collaboration solution meets your top priorities: reliability, security, mobility, flexibility, scalability, and affordability. It offers one stop for: conference calls and video meetings for far-flung faculty members and trustees; an infinite number of automated or personalized voice messages to students’ families; not to mention auto attendant, robust call routing, and interactive voice recognition, which greatly reduces the admin load.

Enterprise-class security and reliability

We know your institution requires the highest standards of security and reliability. RingCentral offers enterprise-class reliability so you can be sure that key personnel can be reached immediately, and that your phone systems will never go down, even in natural disasters. RingCentral’s encrypted networks and layers of authentication diligently safeguard all of your communications.

Feature-rich design to elevate learning

Virtually connecting classes is a powerful way to impact student recruitment and retention. With RingCentral Meetings™, you can connect up to 200 participants in video meetings with screen sharing. For larger classes, you can host up to 3,000 attendees with up to 200 presenters for live sessions using RingCentral Webinar™. RingCentral Rooms™ is an affordable way to set up a class without expensive proprietary equipment. And if you want to adapt a legacy H.323/SIP room system, RingCentral Room Connector™ is the perfect solution.

Integrations drive progress and efficiency

RingCentral works with the tools and applications you use most. You can stay focused in your chosen applications and easily communicate and manage calendars from them. Your E911 service can even be integrated with school alarms, triggering notifications to security teams anytime 911 is called. If your organization requires an integration that is not available in our app gallery, you can build your own using RingCentral’s open API platform.

Budget-friendly solutions

Without adding lines or changing numbers, you can easily forward landlines or classroom lines to teachers and accommodate seasonal and year-to-year fluctuations in staffing and student registrations. Without any of the setup, tech services fees or employee time, you can upgrade or integrate your existing legacy systems, including phone lines, fax machines, and e-learning technology.

“RingCentral is a great solution for us to utilize as we grow. With RingCentral, the administrative tasks are significantly easier to use than with other PBX systems I have used.”
Vu Truong
IT Manager, Coursera
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